Here are some testimonials from past clients

The Confident Public Speaking Solution Program (Group Coaching)


I fell in love with Amaka's personality, energy and drive the very first time I saw her and just knew she would be able to help me when it comes to my fears as regards public speaking. I had no hesitation at all. Infact, I not only went for it, I also dragged my sister along on this journey. And it was great! Just as I had hoped, all my expectations were met and beyond.Her program digs deep into not just on how to excel at public speaking, it begs the questions why do I have stage fright and how to tackle these deep issues.Turns out that public speaking fright is not just a me issue, I was able to meet some other wonderful ladies with the same issues, connect with them, and tackle this menace together. It was a very intense 4 weeks and the program opened my eyes to potentially career changing opportunities. I am now fully equipped with the tools I need to manage, curb and rise above my fear of public speaking. I love the fact Amaka made it an easy, no holds barred, no judgment zone where you can own up to your mistakes and start the process of rebuilding.I tell you it was an awesome experience and would not think twice about recommending this program to all.
Afolake Adedayo-Aiyelero
Insurance Sales


I signed up for the CPSS because I always experience stage fright each time I want to speak in large audiences. Moreover am shy, reserved and soft spoken. Each time am asked to speak, a certain fear, usually come over me and am not happy about it. I usually listen to wife's round table admire how you (Amaka Chibuzo-Obi) introduce yourself boldly and speak fluently. CPSS truly met the desires and expectations for which I signed up. Am able to get a practical knowledge of how to speak confidently from tactics, reading books, bullet points, videos and interactions with others ladies. Your teaching is full of points. Your thoughts and suggestions are mind blowing and am delighted that you encouraged me to take the course. I can do short videos and speak fluently to a small audience. The fear is disappearing gradually. With time I will do better. I noticed that I have started reading more than I used to read before. Taking notes of words and meaning. Also fear and stage fright is disappearing. I had a beautiful experience in all the modules. I was looking forward to our meeting every week. The last day was awesome. I had to see the faces of the ladies and the little girls video. Awesome experience. I will encourage anyone who has the same struggle I had about CPSS to enroll and take the course. The training is mind blowing and absolutely the final good bye to stage fright, fear and lack of confidence.
Dr Obioma Irukwu


Dear Coach Amaka, if I must confess, initially when I registered for the course, I was a bit hesitant and wondered how I would be able to flow with a virtual stranger.I wondered if I would be tense and taciturn during the session or if I would feel free to discuss frankly without any fear of being judged by the Coach or fellow participants. Alas!!! To my utmost surprise, I found that I was so relaxed during the first session and even looked forward to the next.  The friendly ambience, the soothing words and relatable discourse made me loose my guard and I participated eagerly and often times, never wanted each session to come to an end. My experience during the group and personal sessions has brought a new perspective to my thought pattern (after all, I either win or learn).It has changed the way and words I speak to my sub-conscious mind. I so enjoyed my Personal session yesterday as Coach stressed on what I needed to do, to keep being that Confident Public Speaker. I must say, I am better and will keep getting better because of the lessons learnt during the CPSS programme and from the personal session. Thank you Coach Amaka for choosing to impact the World in this manner.
Mbuotidem Umoh


I signed up for the CPSS program because I needed to improve my presentation skills and public speaking skills. My job involves making presentations on monthly review sessions and credit presentations. I realized that my career progression depends on how excellently I show up at the presentation sessions. All these propelled me to join the session after listening to Amaka during one of her sessions at the Wives Round Table program.  At the onset of joining the CPSS program, I had hesitations about the program. The reason was because I wasn’t sure if I will get value from the program. The CPSS program did not only meet my expectations, but EXCEEDED it! The program was engaging and I felt I was having a one-on-one coaching. I was well equipped even before the program ended and was willing to take a presentation. The program coordinator, Amaka spent extra time during the week to prepare me for the presentation. I looked forward to the weekly meetings for the four weeks. The videos were apt and very self-explanatory. One of the highlights of the CPSS Program is that it gave more benefits than the actual reason I signed up for it. The sessions did not only focus on public speaking. It touched deeper into the essence of life itself. I learnt to be more grateful for the little and big things I have and not focus on the things I do not have. I learnt to live consciously in today and worry less about the future. The program has helped me to be able to relax, take deep breathes and worry less about making mistakes and being judged. I must not forget that the bond amongst the Cohort 3 ladies which is so priceless. Having gone through the 4 weeks program, I am able to engage more now. I look forward to opportunities to show case myself. I now see myself asking questions in meetings and making contributions. I look forward to making a presentation in the coming weeks and many more going forward. The CPSS Program was very engaging. The videos shared weekly assisted greatly in the journey. I have listened to each video more than thrice and still listening even after the program. This shows the value I have gotten from the videos.   And to crown it, Amakaaaaaa! The Program Coordinator. She handled the sessions excellently well. Do I really have ‘a best part of the CPSS program?’ All of the activities in the 4 weeks were exceptional, impressive and mind blowing.  I will gladly recommend the CPSS to others, my friends, colleagues, families and everyone. The sessions were well thought out and prepared to enhance the innate capabilities in us, a tool to assist us to succeed in our personal life as well as career wise.  I am very happy to have participated in the CPSS program. I wished the program did not end after 4 weeks, which is why I was excited that Amaka was gracious enough to continue the journey with us by creating a group – “Our Own little corner”. The program was so rich and loaded. The Program coordinator, Amaka carried everyone along and made sure all participants were engaged.  Please keep up the good work you are doing. God bless you and your team!
Bunmi Oyeyemi


The CPSS program for me was simply liberating and in my opinion a positive mindset shift to help navigate life in general more confidently  The program is packed with tons of value and very much result oriented as by the 2nd week I was beginning to breakdown subliminal limiting beliefs that I had realize, stood in the way of my career progress  Initially, I had hesitations about signing up not knowing at the time that I needed help with speaking confidently and that is why I also refer to the program as an eye opener as it ended up exceeding my expectations on all levels  Presently, I can challenge myself to speak out at meetings and my new personal motto is "not attend meetings where I would be silent" with the new realization that my voice is indeed powerful and speaking up will propel me into greatness. My greatest learning and take away is to live more purposefully with the goal of make a difference with my voice, especially in this new normal of working remotely, I would be more "vocally visible" Thank you Coach, you were God sent
Feike Adedayo
IT Professional


I signed up for the CPSS program because I knew I needed help understanding and overcoming my fears of public speaking. I struggled to speak at events audibly and convey my thoughts with clarity. I would often turn down any request for a speaking activity. I did not have any hesitation signing up because I knew I needed help and was going to get it. Your name (speaking coaching program) was suggested as a solution in one of the female managers cell meetings in my church. My expectations before signing up was to understand what my fears were, understand why I had the fears and how to overcome the fears of public speaking. The CPSS programs met my expectations, I have understood my fears, identified its sources, and understood its components. I now have a clear direction on how to manage and overcome them. Beyond the benefit of surmounting the fears of public speaking, the CPSS teachings started with a root analysis to identify and understand the problems. This followed with practical, relatable, easy to use and remember guides for every time I experience fear. This approach to problem solving I now apply to life situations. I feel more confident to solve problems no matter what they are. I also liked the convenience to study the materials at my time and then a group session to provide clarity and further insights. Strength finder analysis class. The ability to draw out your strengths from what you do well and is being taken for granted. The thrill of adding the strengths to my brag sheet. I will recommend the CPSS program to others as I see it as a gift and will pass on this gift as I have received.
Chinwe Ekeh
Product/Business Developer


For many years now, I have yearned for a training/ program that bordered on public speaking. I had also tried to search for such programs on the internet but it just seemed like such programs eluded me. In January a short video of a young lady caught my attention on Instagram and she was speaking to different groups of persons who needed to attend a program she calls "The Confidence Speaking Solution program". I knew this lady was talking to me . It seemed too good to be true I am a legal practitioner with over 2 decades of being in legal practice, still I knew I was quite deficient in the art of Confident public speaking. I avoided anything that would make me walk up on any platform to speak. I did not like being given any task even in the church I worship. As little as a task to read some verses in the shortest chapter of the Bible. I also did not enjoy being invited by radio or television stations to talk about women and children's rights even though I was the secretary of an organization that promotes and protects the rights of women and children. I was also encouraged to run for the chairperson of that organization having been secretary for years but I gave excuses/ reasons again why I did not want to run, but the truth was that I was afraid because being the chairperson meant I had no hiding place anymore and no more excuses not to honor invitations. I always looked for an excuse not to speak yet I knew I had things to say, but always felt crippled by so many fears. I was tired of running away from what I knew I had a passion for. I was tired of making excuses ,I was tired of watching years roll by and still not being able to overcome what was hindering me. So I signed up for the Confident Public Speaking Solution Program because I was tired of running from what could give me fulfilment. Truth is as soon as I decided to sign up for the Confident public speaking solution program, I wanted to run again. I was afraid of facing the fear I did not and could not identify, but I knew the program was the solution I needed, it had to be, it was. So I fought through the hesitations ,even though I had again looked for excuses/reasons why I might not be able participate. I thought of the fee to pay and my work schedule in the office being valid excuses but I knew in my heart that the fee for the program was quite reasonable, I was just being hesitant because I was afraid and ashamed my limitations would be seen. You can not imagine how blown away I was at the very first session. It was one of the most memorable days of my life as My coach , Coach Amaka began the digging deep session, nudging us to face our fears and see fear for what it really is a bully who feeds on the weak and should be stripped of its powers over us. I would never have thought that a confidence speaking program could be therapeutic. I wanted to learn the art of public speaking but I did not know that to thrive in public speaking, confidence was the ingredient and fear the antagonist must be dealt with. The confident public speaking solution program went far beyond what I actually thought I was signing up for. I must say here that I was always quite anxious whenever I was called upon to speak in any forum, I always sensed some type of tension but even after the first week of attending the one month program, I felt some calm on my inside. I have observed that this calm is now a part of me that I never had. The program, I also never thought, would assist me in my relationship with people around me. The confident public speaking solution program has taught me not to empower others to demean my person. I have learned in this program to learn to see failures as feedbacks .  It feels refreshing to feel lighter ,like a burden has been lifted off me and a new path is before me. I noticed a transformation in my walk. A confident bounce I can not explain. It feels to me like the work to confident speaking started from my inside ,my mind and it is now evident in my stride and my calm mien. My best part of the program was indeed the therapeutic session which was the first session. It was like the firm foundation that had to be laid to build the house. In conclusion , I want to state unequivocally that I would recommend the confident public speaking solution program to everyone, even to those who do not struggle with confident public speaking as the program is a solution to one's general well being in a society where many have challenges they cover so well but unknown to them it seeps out through the way they relate and treat others around them.  I Sincerely want to thank you my dear coach Amaka for impacting my life so positively through your program. I know I can never remain the same any more. I know it is a process and I am willing to go back now and again to the modules and keep using all you have shared with me all through my life time. I look forward to meeting you someday ,to share with you my many successes in confident public speaking. With gratitude, Pamela.
Pamela Isoken
Legal Practitioner