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Why many women today are overwhelmed and unhappy


Why many women today are overwhelmed and unhappy

There is a lot of talk about women and why it seems they are asking for too much, when they ask for gender equality, inclusion and a lift to the many patriarchal impositions that women have had to live with for centuries.

Many say – “Women should stop complaining and start putting in the work to make things happen for themselves.”

People who have this mindset, feel like women are whining just for whining sake. They feel like women just like to complain and that things aren’t really as bad for women generally, as many women make it out to be.

A survey – “The Paradox Of Declining Female Happiness”, reports that women of all ages and income (today) are less happy than women of 40 years ago and less happy than today’s men.

That’s the a lot of unhappiness!!


Why is it that, even with advancements in technology, advancements in women contributions to society and all other advancements, women are still very much unhappy and dissatisfied?

One major reason is the IMBALANCE many women have to live with!

The lack of Balance that results from trying to do 1001 things for everyone else and be responsible to each of them, is one reason for the unhappiness women today grapple with.

The world has changed! These days, 1 income in a family is a disaster waiting to happen. Even 2 incomes does not suffice in many homes. So, many women NEED to go out to work.

Plus the fact that, meaningful work boosts a person’s self esteem and sense of worth.
So women now work outside the home.

But then, for many, in addition to their external work, still end up doing 100% of the domestic work at home!
How then will women not be unhappier than their mothers (who were majorly stay at home moms or strict 8-4 workers) and unhappier than men (majority of whom come home from work and place their feet neatly on the table waiting for food to magically appear!)

Many women are groaning under the weight! And this has led to premature aging, high BP, sleep disorders and many other other issues for women.

And this is exactly why I wrote the book: “BALANCE IN STILETTOS – Finding harmony in an overwhelming world”, in an effort to throw major light on the situation many women find themselves in and to help give these women, PRACTICAL strategies on how to help themselves, even as they try to save the world!

Trust me, this book shatters lots of myths and half truths many of us have heard and lived with, all our lives!!

It is my hope that, every woman who gets her hands on this book, will take away from the relatable, fun stories shared therein, lessons that she can adapt to her own unique circumstances and go make her life more harmonious and less stressful.

Every woman deserves to live life in a way that she can be all she wants too be, irrespective of what her roles and responsibilities to her family, friends and world are.

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